Our second elooa KIDS SNOWBOARD CAMP presented by Volcom took place last weekend at the Alpspitzbahn in Nesselwang and was a complete success. There were 6 elooa pro coaches and 30 motivated KIDS between the ages of 4 and 12.

With perfect conditions and bright sunshine, the kids had their own elooa area for warm-up and the first steps. In addition, the Alpspitz ski area in Nesselwang offers perfect conditions for snowboard kids with a special KIDS SNOW PARK in the ALPSPITZ PARK and great lifts. First, all the children were provided with Nitro Snowboards boots and snowboards and safety gear. Then we started straight away with a warm-up game and then the children were divided into small groups based on their age and ability. Beginners had the opportunity to slowly get used to the snowboard and to try their first turns. Advanced kids have improved their individual skills step by step under professional guidance. The focus was on having fun snowboarding in a group. At lunchtime there was childcare with delicious food in the restaurant of the ski area. Otherwise, of course, lots of fun with the elooa Pro Coaches all day long. Between snowboarding, the children had the opportunity to strengthen themselves at the elooa area and also to rest. Already on the second day, all beginners managed to do the first turns on their own under the guidance and help of the coaches. The experienced kids became more and more confident on the slopes and even learned tricks in the perfectly shaped Alpspitzpark.

A successful camp, without any injuries, came to an end and the snowboard sport can look forward to newly motivated youngsters. The elooa crew would like to thank all the kids, parents, sponsors and the Alpspitzbahn.

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