Together with Germanys top mountain biker Korbi Engstler, we have put together a small but very nice mountainbike program for you. Unique experiences await you where you can get to know Korbi and go biking with him. With highly trained and certified MTB guides who are available to support you in achieving your personal goals and improving your individual skills.

Tailored exactly to you and your needs, including lots of fun. Never alone, but always in best hands!

All further details about the events can be found in the description below!

elooa BIKE CAMPS give you the unique opportunity to spend time on a mountainbike together with the experienced elooa crew and world-class professionals. Regardless of whether you are beginner or advanced, all motivated bikers receive valuable tips from the elooa crew and the pros to improve their skills. At all camps, professional coaching is carried out by trained and certified instructors with years of experience and supported by video analyzes that show exactly what you can still work on. And so that you can continue to enjoy this experience long after your visit, each camp is crowned with a video and photo shoot - almost like a professional.


At all elooa BIKE ADVENTURES, our experienced team of professionals, locals and certified guides guarantees you a maximum authentic experience on your dream trip to exclusively selected destinations worldwide. Thanks to years of experience on trips to the best spots around the globe, the elooa crew can enable exceptional and authentic mountain bike trips with an individually tailored itinerary as well as pro-guiding and intensive support. We take care of the planning, organization and implementation of your unforgettable “lifetime trip”! In addition to lots of fun, new friends, a great experience and better skills are guaranteed!


Both MTBs and E-MTBs are welcome at both 2024 events. When it comes to speed on climbs, we will be guided by the MTBs!

The following levels should help you assess whether you are fit enough for the CAMP or adventure:

REQUIREMENTS: You have no experience with MTB riding off-road, 15-30km, up to 400 meters in altitude, low speed
TERRAIN: easy roads and forest/gravel paths, no technical difficulties, wide curves, slight inclines and descents

REQUIREMENTS: You ride an MTB and ride off-road with easy single trails, 30-50km, 400-1000 meters in altitude, low to medium speed
TERRAIN: asphalt, gravel, forest paths; simple, flowing single trails with light obstacles (roots, stones, small steps), non-slip surfaces, wide bends, hilly with longer climbs.

REQUIREMENTS: You have been riding an MTB for a long time, even off-road with moderately difficult single trails. But you would be interested in riding a slightly more difficult trail or being able to do a clean bunny hop. 50 to 75 km, 1000 - 1500 meters in altitude, medium speed, moderate inclines of up to 20% and descents of up to 40% possible.
TERRAIN: liquid single trails with moderately difficult obstacles (roots, root passages, stones, gullies), ground not always solid, mountainous with sometimes long climbs, liquid, increasingly narrow bends.

REQUIREMENTS: You have been riding MTBs well and for a long time. But you still need support in difficult terrain. And a few special tricks, such as off-road jumps or doing wheelies, are also missing from your repertoire, 50 to 100km, 1000-2000 meters in altitude, medium to high speed, steep sections up to 30% and gradients up to 70% possible.
TERRAIN: Single trails with larger obstacles such as stones, steps, larger roots and root passages, loose ground possible, tight curves and switchbacks possible, mountainous to high alpine with very long climbs

If you have any further questions or are still unsure, send us an email to info@elooa.com. We would also be happy to advise you by telephone!