Beginning of the month there was again an unforgettable highlight for all powder-hungry happening at elooa. Our unique elooa POW HUNTER TRUCK presented by K2 SNOWBOARDING started with 16 participants the search for powder and found it in Defereggental.

To make this dream of every snowboarder come true, the travel experts from elooa only set up the date and invited the participants to jump on board their unique Expedition-Hotel-Truck. This made the small group location-independent and able to visit the perfect powder hotspot to freeride every day, spending the nights in the cozy Hotel-Truck.

An exclusive visit to the K2 Headquarter provided all participants with the latest K2 pow sticks „Cool Bean, Party Platter, Simple Pleasures & Wildheart“ to put to the test under professional advice. With a shift in volume that also shifts your mindset,  the boards offer the most fun you can imagine having on a board. Their unique proportions make you forget what you used to know about a board’s riding qualities. The wider width translates to unlimited support when carving groomers, as well as a surfy float and glide in powder. And as unique the boards look, they left the participants looking absolutely unique as well: with a smile as wide as their ears glued to their face after they have spend two days in deep powder in Defereggental.

The participants were accompanied and supervised by the experienced K2 Snowboards teamrider Pfaffi and elooa headcoach Chris, so that they earned a maximum of unforgettable powder runs and stayed safe in doing so during the whole trip.

An absolutely unforgettable and snow-rich weekend came to an end and we are looking forward to the next elooa POW HUNTER TRUCK CAMPS - maybe also with you!

Check out all photos from the POW HUNTER TRUCK CAMP 2 2018 here.

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